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Simplifies invoices and expense tracking, helping you save time and money. Create your first invoice in less than 60 seconds.

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Get a 360 degree view of your business.

A 360-degree view of a customer is a collection of all your customer data in one place. From the basic contact information on customers, to all their past and present purchasing data and all interactions with customer service, as well as their social media behavior.


Track important sales and marketing opportunities.

Every business desires the best possible performance from its salesperson. For ideal performance and improved sales delivery, you gather and analyze all data on salespeople’s work, particularly when it comes to working timing. While it is simple to keep an eye on a sales employee’s hours and actions while they are at the office, things become more challenging for those who are working outside the office. To make this challenging task simple and easy the best decision would be to use a field sales employee tracking app.


Increase your lead-to-deal conversion rates.

Get a tailored list of your potential customers and their contact details instantly. Spend time on cherry-picking your prospects instead of manual list building and fighting with bounced emails.


Take your business with you everywhere, on your time

Service Cloud gives your team a single view of every customer, from their first click to their last call. Reduce handling time by seeing all customer details and interactions on one screen. Account information, case history, purchasing history – you name it with just an internet connection. No more asking for the same information again and again.


Quickly see your next-best actions.

This means it’s easy to get in touch with prospects, follow up with leads, or check in on an existing customer. Plus, you can personalize communication based on the information you have stored.


Maximum productivity with minimum use

Let's break the myth that CRMs are all about data entry. eOctopus CRM is built to be used less. Automate workflows, processes, campaigns, customer journeys, and more so that you can focus less on software and more on relationships.